METHADOL is (from left to right) :

Fred Carceller: Bass
Manu Dal-Grande : Vocals
Patrice Hanne: Drums
Julien Marocco: Guitar
François Perrin: Guitar

Methadol was formed at the end of 2005 by the guitarist and singer Manu Dal-Grande, which was soon joined by the bassist Fred Carceller, the drummer Mallory Julia, and the guitarist Stef Piovesan in 2006. In the early 2007, Ghislaine Duchemin joined the band as a chorus-singer.
A self-produced MCD was released in May 2007.

After some gigs, Manu decided to dedicate to the vocals. Clément Longuet joined the band as a guitarist in May 2008, followed by John Lacomme, a new drummer replacing Mallory Julia.

The first album was recorded and a first mix was done.
In Spring 2009, Clément left the band and was replaced by the guitarist Zack Nadal.
In Autumn 2009 John left the band and Stef decided to play only gigs.

In Spring 2010, the drummer Nico Sordello and the guitarist François Perrin joined the band.

Methadol signed with Sliptrick Records (US) and the 1st album "ANGER IN ME" is now available.

Zack has been replaced by the guitarist Julien Marocco at the end of year 2010.

In September 2011, Nico Sordello choose to leave the band. He was replaced in October 2011 by Patrice Hanne.

Ghislaine left the band in October 2011.